High-end diving belt

This belt is hand made especially for your highest comfort and security.

How to use OB1


The differentiation of the elements, thanks to the specific materials, textures and colors, allows quick identification of each part of the belt.

The belt is symmetrical and can just as easily be used by a left-handed as a right-handed person.


  1. Flap off the “self-gripping sewn-loop” part,
  2. Flap over the “self-gripping hook” part,

    then secure the “rubber elastic brake” on the “stainless steel loop”.


The central part made of elastic rubber (at the back of the wearer) provides comfort and an optimal fit.

The “rubber elastic brake” ensures, in addition to being self-gripping, that the belt is secure in the closed position, under normal operating conditions.


Stainless steel buckle allows for fast and efficient handling, facilitating removal, including in emergency situations.

The “elastic rubber brake” is not an obstacle to emergency opening; its circular section allows it to slide along the belt.

TIG welding quality


UV resistent


UV resistent

D INOX 316

Certified ISO 12402-7 :2006/FprA :2010 for life jackets. 
TIG welded.


Bungee cord in polyester :

High tenacity & multi-filament.
UV & sea water resistant.


High quality & ultra resistant. 
Fabrics made for water sports.


High tenacity continuous polyester 
thread with bonded sailing treatment.
highly resistant to UV & sea water. 

The story behind OB1

I designed this belt while training for my apnea world record. I wanted a belt that would allow me maximum comfort and flexibility. Today, I’ve improved the safety thanks to an ultra-resistant D-Inox. Inspired by Japanese culture, this diving belt opens in a split second. While keeping all its ergonomic qualities, it releases with a single gesture extremely easily (even with gloves). Light, easy to use and handle, it adapts to all sizes. It allows quick intervention if needed. Perfect for hunters, fishermen and freedivers, this self-releasable belt is designed to unhook automatically, offering maximum security to its users. It is entirely sewn and assembled by hand in France. Each belt is unique and signed, suitable for both beginner and experienced divers and instructors. Designed and made to bring you maximum satisfaction.

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