World record holder creates OB1 belt: Jeff Coulais

Young, I used to spend all my free time in the local swimming pool. Water was first a social meeting place, then it soon became a field of exploration. Apnea became obvious. The exploration of the breath, the search for inner calm, the study of oriental philosophies and yogic practices. After 10 years of training, on May 28, 1997, I achieved the first world record in dynamic bi-fin freediving.

The OB1 belt was born during my training. At that time, freediving was not an organized sport. It was the time to explore, with rare amateurs and the only emblems Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maïorca.

There was very little diving equipment. To go further, I needed a belt that would be more flexible, ergonomic and more comfortable than what was available on the market. So I made the first OB1 belt myself, without any rigid buckle.

After 20 years of experience in teaching diving, rescue and surfing, I have chosen to offer the OB1 belt to all sea lovers. To offer all my expertise in a single product.

A little story! What does OB1 mean?

In Japanese, “obi” means belt. In traditional culture, it is the belt worn on kimonos, especially in martial arts. It witnesses the practitioner’s experience.

The number 1 represents ONE SECOND: the second which can change everything and can save.

OB1 reinvents the diving belt after 40 years without innovation.

Ergonomics, comfort and safety are now linked and the diver can be released with a single gesture, extremely easily (even with gloves). OB1 opens in a second.

Safety is enhanced thanks to an ultra resistant D-Inox and high-end materials. Lightweight, easy to use and handle, OB1 adapts to all sizes.

Perfect for hunters, divers and freedivers, suitable for instructors, beginners and experienced divers, this belt is designed to be released quickly, offering maximum safety to its users.

Each belt is unique and signed, entirely sewn and assembled by hand in France, for maximum satisfaction.

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